2017 — 2014
A manuscript of erasure (2017)

A manuscript of erasure
HD video, loop

I still have a visual and acoustic memory of experiences that I can not explain. Sentences and languages I do not know have remained in my memory...etched like a magnetic tape… memories which I can not forget or erase.

A manuscript of erasure is an immersive video which explores themes of memory, absence and presence; what’s to be forgotten and/or remembered oscillating between city landscapes and a desert located in the Middle East. The video depicts a larger question of how history operates and its complex apparatus of being erased and then reinvented again.

** A manuscript of erasure is supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf (Award for New Bulgarian Art)
* Video installation, Plan for action, the fridge, Sofia, bg
* Artist talk & screening, Wolfart Project Space, Rotterdam, nl

The Blue Print (2016)

The Blue Print
artist publication

"The Blue Print is an artist’s book and an introduction to themes of media art by capturing a techno-poetic and aesthetic syntax of unintentional archive. Its context stems from the prevalence of the digital technologies that are provoking us to shed data like we shed our skin, asking questions around how we store, delete, retrieve and share our personal histories as an ever-present community." — Liz Allan (co-editor)

* The Blue Print is supported by Gaudenz B. Ruf (Award for New Bulgarian Art)
* Zine Camp Rotterdam 2016, Rotterdam, nl * Conversation Piece, artist talk & presentation, Cosmos, Sofia, bg
* D Days (Open Design), Zagreb, cro

Cold Storage (2015)

Cold Storage
vinyls, glass cubes, circuit boards, light table

While stored digital data might seem ephemeral or intangible in fact it has its physical presence into the real world. Cold storage investigates the architectural dimensions of our storage devices and how they are translated into the physical world. The work proposes a poetic overview of the material quality of memory asking what is the future of digital storage - “ a glass cold memory which lasts forever"... or imperfect storage technology that can impart.

* Cold Storage installation is supported by CBK (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)
* What remains, Strategies of saving and deleting, esc medien kunst labor Graz, au part of Steirischerherbst

Estimated Time to Recovery (2015)

Raspberry pi, SATA/IDE enclosure box, hard drive, steal box, timer

Estimated Time To Recovery is an automatized system, which recovers files from hard drives without the consent or the knowledge of the previous owners, who presume their content has been forever deleted. This metal box contains a mini computer which recovers and deletes data from a hard drive. The displayed numbers show the estimated time to recovery until the process is completed. When the procedure is finished the machine starts the reversed process of erasing the recovered data. This feedback loop attempts to display processes which often remain hidden and run on the background of our machines.

* Estimated Time To Recove is supported by CBK (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam)
* What remains, Strategies of saving and deleting, esc medien kunst labor Graz, au part of Steirischerherbst


video, duration: 1'16''

Together with six other artists and researchers I was invited to take part in the project “This folder Contains”, a diverse set of documentations produced on the occasion of JODI’s performance entitled “This Page Contains...” on 1st of October, 2015 at Stedelijk Museum. For this purpose I created JODI@STDLJK The Titles – an immersive video teaser combining more than 1475 images of what might be my subjective interpretation of JODI's performance. → video

* This project was initiated by Annet Dekker in association with LIMA as part of “Capturing a Moment:
Where net art and performance meet” and was supported by Stedelijk Museum.
* Prototype, pop-up exhibition at Societe Generale Bank, Sofia, Bulgaria

DEL?No, wait!REW (2014)

DEL?No, wait!REW
interactive installation, Python GUI, TestDisk, Arduino, hard drives, screens, steal controller, light table

DEL?No, wait!REW is automatized system, which recovers files from hard drives without the consent or the knowledge of the previous owners, who presume their content has been forever deleted. DEL?No, wait!REW asks is it possible to delete information in the digital age? Whether our storage devices are locally present (hard drives) or dislocated (the cloud), can we ever be certain our data has been permanently deleted? In an ongoing conversation around the impossibility of erasing digital traces, what role do we take? Are we plunderers, interpreters or mediators? The installation aims to prompt the viewers with a decision or ethical choice whether to delete a recovered file or save it by publishing it online. → video

* free_art_-_source, Galerija Galženica, Zagreb, cro
* Art Meets Radical Openness festival (AMRO) Kunstraum gallery, Linz, au
* What remains, Strategies of saving and deleting, esc (medien kunst labor), Graz, au
* PIKSEL Festival, Lydgallerit, Bergen, no
* New Horizon Festival, Het Onderwijscentrum Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, nl
* Unlinked (Dislocations, Disappearances & Deprecations), - Graduation show of Piet Zwart Institute, MMDC, TENT, Rotterdam, nl

Bibliotecha (2013 - ongoing)

offline digital library, Raspberry Pi, Recoil, Calibre, book, login instructions
| current collaborations:
 Roelof Roscam Abbing, André Castro
 Yoana Buzova
 Lasse van den Bosch Christensen, 
 Lucia Dossin
 Michaela Lakova 

Bibliotecha is a framework to facilitate the local distribution of digital publications within a small community. It relies on a microcomputer running open-source software to serve books over a local wifi hotspot. Using the browser to connect to the library one can retrieve or donate texts. Bibliotecha proposes an alternative model of distribution of digital texts that allows specific communities to form and share their own collections. Read more on the website of the project → http://bibliotecha.info/

* The Autonomous Fabric Symposium, WdKA/v2_, Rotterdam, nl
* Radical Networks conference, NYU MAGNET, New York, us
* Workspace for the New World, Bureau Europa, Het Niuewe Instituut, Maastricht, nl
* Art Meets Radical Openness festival (AMRO), Linz, au
* Are you being served VJ14, Constant, Brussels, be
* Free book for every soul, Impakt festival, Utrecht, nl

2013 — 2010
VGA_ha(c)k (2013)

modified VGA adapter, Arduino, CRT TV, MAX/MSP

VGA_ha(c)kis a customized VGA adapter / controller which scans the digital signal systematically back and forth across the screen, drawing line by line, "flickering" the picture over and over again almost as invisible electronic paintbrush. The adapter takes as input digital signal (RGB) and via arduino converts the signal into hi frequency lines displayed on CRT TV. A Max/MSP patch is used to communicate with the Arduino through the Serial port, syncing the rgb signal to the frequencies of the played audio file. → video

* Glitch Moment/ums - an online exhibition curated by Rosa Menkman & Furtherfield. Furtherfield Gallery, London, UK

Creativity Profiling Test Cq7 (2013)

worm worm
interactive installation, Processing, Kinect, print
| in collaboration with Nicole Hametner 	 

Cq7 Creativity Profiling Test is an interactive installation, which allows users to test their creativity through a series of ubiquitous questions and answers by standing in different zones on the floor. Then the user is given a printed badge with final score. The content of the questions evolves from the most common job interview questions to more discomfort ones, concerning supervision, deadline, pressure, work-life balance and privacy. The final rating is not based on the actual answers instead it is randomly generated. However most users see the test as a serious assessment of their own creativity. → docs

* Startup CAMP - a group show & presentation, WORM, Rotterdam, nl

Untitled (2013)

* gif Archive - an online exhibition & discussion → ExAf foundation The Fridge, Sofia & Kino Kosmos, Plovdiv, bg

Urban_Planting (2012)

plant, go pro camera, photographs&video documentation

Urban planting is an attempt to explore and interact with the rhythm in the city of Rotterdam. It is my first personal observation of how and to what extend I can provoke a reaction to a small action: a type of social intervention in public space. I placed a plant - a common interior feature but in this case out of its context - at the Rotterdam metro station. I intentionally positioned it in the middle of the sidewalk, on the way of the passersby where it frequently became an object of illumination by numerous fluorescent lights and CCTV cameras. I found myself and my non-depict form of intervention in the spotlight, overexposed, monitored and investigated. Thereby neither the absurdity of the object by itself, nor the audience’s bare reaction were central; instead it was the authority’s, in particular the security’s response that became the main event of the action.

* ZK/U (Center for Art and Urbanistics), screening, Berlin, de

WAVes (2012)

digital videos: 2'27'' & 1''46''
| in collaboration with Qvor Milanov and Yoana Buzova,	            
  Giovanny Conte - violin and Dmitri Yagodin - drums & percussions          

WAVes expore a common physical reactions of magnetizing a ferro fluid and iron sand - both highly conductive materials. We recorded slow motion videos of the physical processes that occured and then asked the musicians Giovanny Conte and Dmitri Yagodin to play and experiment on the source material, while watching it. The visuals play a role of a fictional conductor, providing a ground for sound improvisations. → video

Web banners (2010)

Research on Spam

Web banners are the junk of the web; The Unwanted; Often classified as everything that is not asked by the visitor. This visual research focuses on creating visual patterns, which aim to personalize your own web banner. I used basic structure of Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which is primary used to connect electronic componets and consists of unique visual code.

* gif Archive - an online exhibition & discussion → ExAf foundation The Fridge, Sofia & Kino Kosmos, Plovdiv, bg